A Little About VAR 360

Value Assurance Resources 360 Inc. (VAR360)

Guiding Programs and Projects Worldwide
We assist private and public organizations to achieve their business aims through planning and optimization for programs, projects, products, systems and services.

Our professionals have helped a  wide range of clients  in many countries.

We have an enviable  track record of  being instrumental in the saving of many millions of dollars, as well as identifying significant improvements in functionality, while improving the overall delivery schedule and reliability.

Our focus is on closing the performance/value gap between expectations and actual outcomes for large or complex endeavors that bring about significant or rapid change
Driving Successful Programs and Projects
We emphasize the following:
  • Alignment of programs and projects to business priorities and goals
  • Focus on outcomes 
  • Management of projects for delivery of the expected value.
We pioneered the value assurance oversight process (VAP)
    ★ Value assurance reviews (VAR)
    ★ Formal certification of best value 
    ★ Performance  assessment and reporting (PAR)

Our  expertise lies in:
     ➣ Aligning Stakeholder Expectations
     ➣ Reducing the total cost of ownership of major facilities and asset portfolios, while improving functionality and performance

     ➣ Expediting the decision-making process and implementation of services & systems
     ➣ Revitalization of stalled projects
     ➣ Assuring expectations are met

Company Founder 

Martyn Phillips, founder of VAR360 was employed for many years by various Owner organizations on:
  • Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies and Systems Optimization
  • Contracts Execution and Operations
  • Program and Project Management.
Arising out of these experiences, he realized the acute need for organizations to demonstrate to executive management and stakeholders that programs and projects start on a sound footing and are delivered to meet expected outcomes.  
To this end, in 1993, he started a specialist consultancy (www.teamfocus.org) to improve value and performance, using various techniques including leading value management and risk assessment studies. During this period his long-held view has been reinforced in that there should be a “hard” delineation between a) long-term program administrative procedures / reporting, and, b) methods for fixing significant problems.   

In 2009 he established VAR360, based in western Canada. VAR360 conducts independent, strategically focused, diagnostic assessments and executive reporting.  When a “deep dive” is required to develop creative solutions, our sister company Team Focus Project Analysis conducts a Functionality and Efficiency (F&E) review.  We have a global network of specialists and support professionals for forming teams as appropriate to specific needs for identifying and developing balanced solutions.
Both companies conduct in-house training courses and coaching, as well as guidance of corporate implementation improvement and monitoring systems.
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